News 27.07.2016

New bursting disc holder:
a variety of combinations for ease of use

Berstscheiben Schlesinger has developed the BHS bursting disc holder for safe installation of bursting discs in pipe fittings. With the bursting disc holder, Schlesinger is expanding its bursting disc accessory product range again within a short amount of time, offering its customers a broader range of full service options.

DThe advantage of the BHS holder is that, whether used for a clamp, cable, quick-flange or dairy fitting, it can be adapted to a wide variety of pipe connections directly at the installation site, reducing the time, and thus the cost, required for repairs. Another advantage is that the BHS holder is not damaged when the bursting disc is triggered and can be reused, saving you money.

The versatility of the BHS holder can be seen not only when combined with different pipe types, but also when combined with a bursting disc: simple and domed composite bursting discs as well as rupture and reverse buckling bursting discs can be used in the BHS holder.

You can obtain more information about the BHS on our site in the accessories section under product range.