Metal diaphragms

In addition to bursting discs (rupture disks) for a wide range of applications, we are also specialised in the manufacturing of metal diaphragms. In contrast to bursting discs (rupture disks), these diaphragms do not tear but deform in a specific manner under pressure. They may be used, for example, to reduce pressure in valves to create a controlled flow rate in the medium within individual pieces of equipment and as a measurement membrane in pressure sensors.

Their benefits are clear in this context: the fully-metallic version made from stainless steel, nickel or nickel-based material (for example Hastelloy)* is resistant against high temperatures and corrosion. They are also suitable for use as separating diaphragms to protect sensitive measuring instruments against aggressive substances.

Berstscheiben Schlesinger provides metal diaphragms in standard dimensions of up to 40 millimetres. Special designs of up to 150 millimetres are also available. We manufacture two types of metal diaphragm: corrugated diaphragms and flat discs. The simple manufacturing methods used with flat diaphragms means that cost-effective batch production can be implemented. By contrast, corrugated diaphragms are manufactured using a specific tool and are characterised by greater deformability and a linear characteristic curve.

Regardless of your preferred design, our sales engineers will provide you with extensive advice. This will help us to develop the right metal diphragms to suit your requirements and ensure that you achieve the optimum ratio between deformability and fatigue strength.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • wide range of nominal sizes to 150 millimeters
  • resistant to corrosion and high temperatures
  • optimum balance between deformability and durability
  • economical serial production

*Hastelloy is a registered trade name

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