High-purity gas bursting discs

(High-purity gas rupture disks)

Berstscheiben Schlesinger has developed high-purity-gas bursting discs (high-purity gas rupture disks) for VCR® systems, particularly for satisfying the highest requirements regarding leak-tightness, cleanliness and resilience. The bursting discs are installed in VCR® screw couplings instead of sealing discs and are, for example, used in gas cabinets. The bursting disc reliably bursts when excessive overpressure is generated during the gas-mixing process and safely releases the overpressure. Only the bursting disc without the screw coupling must be exchanged after bursting.

We offer our customers standard versions of high-purity-gas bursting discs (high-purity gas rupture disks) in the form of rupture discs or scored reverse-buckling bursting discs with a size of 12.5 millimetres (for ¼-inch VCR® screw connectors), 20 millimetres (for ½-inch VCR® screw couplings) and 35 millimetres (for 1-inch VCR® screw couplings). During the production process, we use laser welding methods to weld a film between two rings to achieve minimum helium leak rates of 10 E-9 mbar l/sec. Our subsequent double-test regarding the helium leak rate provides you with maximum safety.

Our high-purity gas bursting discs (high-purity gas rupture disks) are completely made of metal and are produced without the use of polymers. They are particularly known for their vacuum resistance and vacuum tightness. Rupture discs with films made of nickel, Inconel*, stainless steel or titanium are suitable for bursting pressures between 5 and 370 bar, while reverse-buckling bursting discs are suitable for pressures between 2 and 200 bar. We can guarantee high alternating pressure load resistance for our reverse-buckling bursting discs.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Individual product specification for material, pressure and dimension
  • Maximum leak-tightness, absence of particles and minimum leak rates
  • Space-saving installation
  • The VCR® screw coupling remains undamaged after bursting


High-purity gas bursting disc in VCR coupling

*Inconel is a registered trade name

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