Mounting options

These distinctions are made between the mounting options:

  1. Installation between flanges – most frequent method of installation in chemistry and in container construction and plant engineering. We produce sizes from DN 15 to DN 900.
  2. Installation in a coupling – these are VCR-couplings for high-vacuum and high-purity gas systems or tube fittings for a wide variety of purposes, but also customised special couplings. The torque and the sealing system must be adapted to the specific use. The bursting discs can be replaced after responding.
  3. Installation in sterile or clamp connections: When provided with a special split seal, our bursting discs can be installed directly into clamp connections. If reverse buckling bursting discs are used, we achieve a sterile surface without any dead space.
  4. Bursting plugs – in this case, the bursting disc (usually a rupture foil) is welded or soldered onto a screw. Installation is very simple, space-saving and secure. Very high levels of tightness are achieved. A typical application is, for example, extruders. After responding, the entire bursting plug must be replaced.
  5. Welded-on bursting discs are used e.g. in the automotive sector in cold-gas bottles for airbags or in lithium batteries. Furthermore, this space-saving and permanently tight connection can be advantageous in many other cases as well. As an isolated replacement of the bursting discs is not possible for this type, bursting should be rare.