News 07.06.2017

Berstscheiben Schlesinger invests in a 3-D laser scanning microscope

In order to secure and continue to optimise the quality of its products, Berstscheiben Schlesinger GmbH has invested in a new 3-D laser scanning microscope from Keyence.

In addition to the precise adjustment of burst pressure and correct installation on the customer’s site, high quality and the processing of materials are extremely important in terms of the smooth running of the bursting disc in the operational phase.

The new laser microscope produces contactless high-definition colour images and 3-D surface models with a 100x enlargement of the bursting discs. This means that the tiniest inconsistencies can be identified and corrected during the quality verification process.

The firm also uses the microscope in the development of new products. “We develop tailor-made bursting disc solutions for our customers. The microscope enables us to examine our prototypes effectively in real time during each phase. In this way we are able to make necessary adjustments quickly and thereby shorten the development process,” explains Development Manager Sebastian Wilms.

The new 3-D laser scanning microscope